Aloha and welcome to the Green Room Surf Alliance!

We are happy (and yes, also a little bit proud :) ) to present you the official start of our sustainable surf travel project after more than a year of committed work, interesting workshops, long days and short nights, Skype meetings, travel time, conferences, tough discussions and fun times.

The “green room” (also known as "tube" or "barrel) is without doubt the ultimate goal and favourite location of every surfer. Once inside, you wish to get back again and again and again, if you make it back out, you experience a flash of adrenaline, energy and joy that is not comparable to anything else, a true gift of nature.

Inspired by this, The Green Room Surf Alliance was created to offer a sustainable surfing experience and the chance to make a difference by a conscious decision for sustainable surf travel.

Our Certified Green Room Surf Alliance Camps from all over Europe ensure commitment to sustainability, while at the same time always focusing on having an unforgettable surf trip, as they are also representing the highest coaching standard in the world!

Check out our sustainable surf packages at for your ultimate surf experience, or become part of the Green Room Surf Alliance with your surf school!

Let´s make a difference!

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