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Surf farm

Accomodation: 5 nights, hostel accomodation

Surf course: 4 sessions, surfing or SUP safari

Food: 5x healthy breakfast

Add On Services:
Surf & Health Surf & Nature Surf & Adventure

Price: starting 425,-

Bornholm Surf Farm is a small, family owned hostel/camping that offers surfers and other out-door enthusiasts an exciting way to experience the amazing nature and spirit of Bornholm. The philosophy behind the Surf Farm is based on a simple way of living, close interaction with nature and the possibility to disconnect from technology distractions and a high tempo city lifestyle.

Add-on 1: Surf & Health

  • 2 h seminar with a licensed psychologist on the mind-blowing health benefits of surfing and SUP.
  • 1 h guided meditation/mindfulness session on SUP board
  • Price for add-on 1: 200 € per person

    Add-on 2: Surf & Nature
    • 3 h cliff & cave walk
    • 1 h sunrise or sunset SUP tour
    Price for add-on 2: 125 € per person

    Add-on 3: Surf & Adventure
    Additional activities of customer’s choice, options are;
MTB, rock climbing, guided hiking, ocean kayaking, wind surfing, tree top climbing & beach diving.
    Price for add-on 3: From 35 € per person/activity

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