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Premium surf vacation with a view

Accomodation: 7 nights, double room, 5-bed dorm,

Surf course: included, monday – friday / 5 hours a day

Food: included (options: vegetarian, vegan, with meat)

Price: with double room: € 539,- with 5-bed dorm: € 499,-

Add on Services:
Guided tours to a surfboard factory (Mica) Free Long Skateboards

According to us, Portugal is the most beautiful and relaxed surf country in Europe! The friendly mentality of the Portuguese, the stunning coastline and the outstanding quality of the waves make Portugal the place to be. Here is where we have found the perfect location for our Mellowmove Surfbase. Our camp is located in São Lourenço, only a short drive away from the renowned surf-mecca Ericeira, whose coastal strip has been officially designated Europe’s one and only “World Surfing Reserve”. In this cosy market town, with a well-reserved historical centre right at the sea, you find small cafés, a number of surf-shops and even a worthwhile nightlife.

Accomodation The “Camp” is our main house and the social centre of the Mellowmove Surfbase Portugal. It’s located at the outskirts of the quietly situated small town São Lourenço, only 300 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean! At our house you will find every amenity needed to make your surf trip unique and, above all, provides you with enough space for personal relaxation and free development. After an extensive day of surf you can relax on our roof-top terrace while watching the last rays of sunlight dance on the ocean with an ice-cold beer in your hand, and wait to be called downstairs for our delicious surf dinner. Our mellow 2 and 5-bed rooms, each equipped with a private bathroom, are a comfy retreat to relax for your upcoming day of surf. Tired surfers need restorative rest. That’s why we constantly make sure you get the comfort you need and you are able to rejuvenate well in your own bed after a long surf session.


What could be better than being cooked for in your surf vacation? Six days a week we offer you our Food Package with full board, which leaves nobody wanting and no stomach empty. In the morning we welcome you to our ample breakfast buffet, at which you can pack your lunch package to take with you to the beach, and at night you can satisfy the well-known surfer’s appetite with a comprehensive dinner. We know from experience: after surfing you will want to eat healthy and well-balanced and even better if you don’t have to prepare it yourself… You can choose between the food options vegatarian, vegan or meat. As much as possible we take ample care to take any food intolerance or special diet into consideration.

Surf course We offer coached beginner, step-up and intermediate surf lessons. Our courses take place Monday through Friday, approximately 5 hours per day. Our daily course times are variable since we take utmost care to surf with you at the most suitable time of day. In order to plan our courses we monitor the tides and repeatedly check current weather and wave forecasts. Based on this information we schedule your surf sessions according to your levels of proficiency. Naturally all equipment you need is included in your surf package. All of our surf instructors are trained and certified surf instructors and lifeguards by the International Surfing Association. But what’s most important: they all live for surfing!

By the way: If there ever is a day without waves, there are sufficient possibilities to seek the day differently. Daytrips to Lisbon for shopping or sightseeing or a visit to our friends unique “Wiener Kaffeehaus” located in the city’s centre are an option as much as late night escapes to Ericeira’s nightlife for one kind of a party.
Another extraordinary possibility to spend a “lay day” is a trip to the nearby UNESCO-world heritage town Sintra. If you rather spend your day on one of our skate long boards – no problem! The rental is for free and right next to our camp you find perfect cruising conditions on the newly paved side streets.

We also offer periodical guided tours to a surfboard factory. In Mica, our shaper, lies our trust and he is the one who will explain to you step-by-step how a new surfboard is born. If you’re even interested in having our own individual board being shaped, we are more than happy to help you together with Mica to create the perfect board for your skills.

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