The Green Room Journey report by Johnny Nesslinger

Destination 1: Atlantic Surf Lodge, France

I am spending 3 great weeks training surf instructors at the Atlantic Surf Lodge in Southern France (enjoying organic food by Verival Bio) with several meetings to attend and a couple of fine beach break waves to surf. Next I will be heading to Portugal – by train, of course, to reduce the Ecological Footprint :)

Destination 2: Mellowmove Surfcamps, Portugal

Putting aside the fact that the railway staff first doesn’t want to let me board the train with my board bag, I can truly recommend the railway connection from Dax to Lisbon. You hop on the train in the evening and arrive at Lisbon station early the next morning :)  

Off I go to the Mellow-Base in Sao Lourenco / Ericeira: Great place, great vibes, and being welcomed by perfect waves the first time I hop into the water at one of Ericeira’s world-class spots is a true gift – muito obrigado!

Destination 3: Rapa Nui Surfcamp, Fuerteventura

After some meetings regarding the next Austrian Surfing Championships and some superb waves in one of the prime surfing regions in Europe it´s time to move on and time to say: Goodbye Ericeira, goodbye Mellow-Base – Fuerte, here I come! 


Train and bus rides take me from Ericeira to Faro, Sevilla and Cadiz, where I am blessed with a perfect session in a very special spot with a friend and just one more surfer in the water :)  

Hopping on a ferry to Fuerteventura is definitely an excellent alternative to the airplane: it takes you less than one day to get from Cádiz to Fuerte, including 3 meals and an impressive reduction of the Ecological Footprint, altogether for just € 80,-! This is sustainable as well as cost-efficient surf travel!  

Fuerteventura has several perfect breaks to offer, the only thing you need to know is where the interaction of wind, swell and tide conditions provide for the best surf of the day. After some great sessions with friends in the North Shore I am heading South to visit my friends at Rapa Nui Surfcamp - the South of Fuerteventura has some nice waves to offer, and the Boardriders Bar is the perfect place to enjoy the nice ocean view (and, in my case, the best place to get some work done with a super fast and reliable WLAN connection).  

After this trip one fact is sure: the perfect & sustainable surf trip in Europe is more than just a vision, it´s possible to make the dream come true!  

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