What is the Green Room Journey?

The green room (also known as "tube" or "barrel) is without doubt the ultimate goal and favorite location of every surfer. Once inside, you wish to get back again and again and again, if you make it back out, you experience a flash of adrenaline, energy and joy that is not comparable to anything else, a true gift of nature.

Inspired by this, The Green RoomGreen Room Journey was created to offer a sustainable surfing experience and the chance to make a difference by a conscious decision for sustainable surf travel. Our Certified Green Room Surf Camps ensure commitment to sustainability, while at the same time always focusing on having an unforgettable surf experience, as they are also representing the highest coaching standard in the world!

For that reason we see the relationship with our clients as crucial and understand it as a long term partnership. Long term partnerships are are also important within the local communities of the Green Room Surf Alliance Camps. Together we can thank Mother Nature for the happiness we experience when surfing and give something back!

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