The playa viva initiative

Under the slogan of “playa viva” we try to keep the beach alive by involving our students in importants concepts and actions such as:

  • - “Surfing Day playa viva”: we organise several times a year a “free surfing day” for those who participate in a beach cleaning.
  • - Surfing code: we explain the “Surfing rules” of respecting the local community, understanding how to stay in the water and sharing the waves.
  • - Beach cleaning: we sensibilise to our students to protec and preserving the waves, beaches and the ocean every single day.
  • - Surftraining rulebook: we give a manual to our customers to teach how important is to be “Green” if you surf. The book is a guide of ecological best practises.
  • - Recycling and consumption: we also show how to recycle trash and reduce the energy consumption. We inform of the advantages of recycling and the process as well as other alternative forms of energy less polluting.

Let`s go surf, let`s go Green!

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