The interview with Héctor from University Surf School

Hi Héctor, nice to meet you tell our readers who you are and what you do

My name is Héctor Medina, i am co-director of University Surf School. University Surf School,(founded in 2008) is the Canarian School that creates surfers, directed by qualified trainers in physical education and sport with an endorsement of more than 10 years of experience at teaching sports from beginners to high performance sportsmen. Besides, we make people´s lives happier.

Thank you Héctor nice to have you here. What was the reason for you to be part in the Green Room Surf Alliance?

From the the day one we wanted to develop best practises in the surf industry according to the local suppliers, investors, team members, customers and specially to the social environment. We are conscious of the power of change that surfing has and how we could improve our society by introducing the surf culture. When Phillip and Javier explained me the project i did not hesitate one second to get on board. USS and GRSA share the same phylosophy concerning the common good economy and sustainable tourism.

You told us about the sustainable part could you tell me which measures have been adopted by the University Surf School so far?

We love teaching surfing and as a surfing coaches we have the great advantage to be considered as a “rolemodel” for our customer. We need to teach to the next generation about not just how to surf but how to be the people surfers are supposed to be. So we teach in a transversal way different contents such as human dignity, cooperation and solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice and democratic co-determination and transparency.

Cool that is a lot of things already but what are your sustainable goals for the future?

Our goals are the same from the very beginning: being an important part of people lives through the common good economy, the reduction of the environmental impact and the sustainable tourism development. And as we usually love to say, “we have the responsbility to give back to the society all the good things that surfing has given us”. Let`s go surfing!

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