The interview with Rapa Nui

hi Andy, please introduce yourself

hello everyone i’m Andreas Reese from Rapa Nui Sur fschool & resort. I came to fuerteventura 18 years ago and started the rapa nui surf school & resort which is in the south of fuerteventura in 2008 We offer surf classes in small groups for every surf level. Our resort is upscaled standard and gives you multiple opportunities such as sustainable leisure activities, yoga, fitness or massages.

Thank you andy nice to have you here. How did you an Rapa Nui came attentive to the Green Room Surf Alliance?

We are member of the Surf School Alliance and so i know Johnny Nesslinger for a couple of years now. We like his idea of sustainable travel especially surf travel because we think that surf traveling could be more sustainable in the way of transportation and accommodation.

What was your motivation to take part in the Green Room Surf Alliance?

There are a couple of things which we personally want to engage starting with the import of cheap chinese surfboards which destroy the european board market and the long established surf board factories. We want to support localism and the way we work together with local suppliers. Sustainability is in our opinion also a way to provide a higher quality standard to our customers. These are all things in which the similarity between the Green Room Surf Alliance are really high. so i think that’s also a reason for joining the alliance.

You told us about the sustainable part could you tell me which measures have been adopted by the Rapa Nui Surfschool & Resort so far?

We do a lot of sustainable leisure activities as for example the tapas tour which is oraganized by a young a lady who introduces the customers to the goat cheese farms and farmer of fuerteventura. Everything is organically produced so we have the idea of sustainability and support of the local suppliers combined in one tour. All of our guests receive a refill water bottle which the can use with our water tank. There’s a big plastic bottle problem on fuerteventura and we try to reduce that even if it’s in a small scale. We try to lower the amount of spot transfers respectively combine them so there are less rides. Beach cleanups take place after every surf. We receive all our food from local suppliers just as organic farms and we have a reduction of meat meals simultaneously.

Cool that is a lot of things already but what are your sustainable goals for the future?

I hope the Alliance will give us the opportunity to push the awareness of sustainability for ourselves and the industry and provides us with the possibility of better conditions for sustainable purchases (surf boards or wetsuits) Also by the associated presentation under the same flag i hope we have a bigger assertiveness in industry and politics.

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