The interview with Dennie from Bornholm Surf Farm

hi Dennie, please introduce yourself

My name is Dennie and I run Bornholm Surf Farm (BSF) on the small Danish island Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic sea. BSF is surrounded with fields and is located a 5 min walk from the ocean and many surf spots. Bornholm Surf Farm is a hostel/camping that offer surf classes in small groups, surf gear hire, stand up paddle (SUP) safaris and offline retreats. We have chickens, horses, cats and a dog on the farm.

Thank you Dennie nice to have you here. How did you an Bornholm Surf Farm came attentive to the Green Room Surf Alliance?

One day dr Philip called me, he found BSF on the internet and liked our concept and asked if we wanted to join a project called Green Room Surf Alliance (GRSA). He explained the project aim and concept and two minutes into the conversation I realized that BSF and GRSA is a perfect match. So we gladly joined this amazing and important project.

What was your motivation to take part in the Green Room Surf Alliance?

BSF was already about sustainability, eco friendly lifestyle and environmental awareness. So by joining this project was a natural step to take. We work together with small local business who also share the love for sustainability, the eco friendly approach and I believe that GRSA is a good and constructive platform to be part of.

You told us about the sustainable part could you tell me which measures have been adopted by Bornholm Surf Farm so far?

- We have beach clean up after every surf lesson
- Close collaboration with the local ecological and permaculture farms on the island.
- BSF interior is all second hand or bought from a local sustainable & environmental friendly retailer
- BSF area and our activities is designed to promote water consumption/environmental awareness, the link between good mental health and close interaction with nature based activities.

Cool that is a lot of things already but what are your sustainable goals for the future?

To constant improve BSF and share this learning curve and experience with like-minded GRSA members, local business and the surf industry itself.

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