The interview with Atlantic Surf Lodge

hi Uli, nice to meet you tell our readers who you are and what you do

hi i’m uli i’m the founder of the Atlantic Surf Lodge and on the surfboard for nearly 32 years now. The ASL offers sustainable Surf accommodation & surf course in Vieux Boucau which is based at the atlantic coast in the south west of France. We are a member of the surf school alliance thereby the connection to the Green Room Surf Alliance was established through Johnny Nesslinger, who is a good friend for years now.

Thank you uli nice to have you here. What was the reason for you to be part in the Green Room Surf Alliance?

The collaboration with Johnny and the idea of the Green Room Surf Alliance were the most deceive points to join the alliance. While working on the project my interests got more and more specific what i wanted for myself and the ASL as a member of the alliance and besides the sustainable part i see the Green Room Surf Alliance as an interest representation for bureaucratic and legal questions regarding surf camps.

- You told us about the sustainable part could you tell me which measures have been adopted by the Atlantic Surf Lodge so far?

The day at ASL starts with an healthy organic breakfast in this case we teamed up with vervial who offers organic breakfast. The usage of our bikes is included in the booking and that’s our way to get rid of senseless spot transfers and car use. We also cooperate with local suppliers just as the bakery or local vegetable vendor who provides us with organically grown vegetables. To reduce plastic waste our customers is offered tap water and there is always and vegetarian and vegan dinner alternative to cut meat meals. Trash separation naturally goes without saying. As one of the minimum standards of the Green Room Surf Alliance we give our customers the opportunity to travel to the Atlantic Surf Lodge by bus so we help to reduce the CO2 Emission.

- Cool that is a lot of things already but what are your sustainable goals for the future?

There are two things i really want to establish in the future. One of them is to produce our own electricity through photovoltaic systems and the other one is to reduce more waste especially soft drink cans which we still offer to our customers.

- What do you expect to achieve with this project for the future?

First of all i would like to raise awareness of sustainable surf travel and to push the popularity of surfing but also its risks. likewise it is my wish to be part of the alliance in the future and create a platform for surf camps to have an exchange of experience regarding sustainability, quality, staff or even surf material questions. And of course be part of a movement to establish sustainable surf travel in Europe.

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