Welcome to Bornholm Surf Farm

Bornholm Surf Farm is a small, family owned hostel/camping that offers surfers and other out-door enthusiasts an exciting way to experience the amazing nature and spirit of Bornholm. The philosophy behind the Surf Farm is based on a simple way of living, close interaction with nature and the possibility to disconnect from technology distractions and a high tempo city lifestyle.
The activities offered are various and diverse. As part of the services Bornholm Surf Farm offers we would like to briefly mention the "Farmlife & surfing as a therapeutic tool against sugar addiction?”
Here Dennie Hilding, owner of Bornholm Surf Farm (BSF) and trained clinical psychologist uses his professional work experience combined with surfing towards people who suffer from sugar addiction.

The target group is taking part in a cognitive behavioral therapeutic program where surfing is used as a behavior activation component. The aim of the program is to create diet awareness, a behavioral change towards sugar consumption and an increased participation in daily physical activities.”
The program has become a full success and that is also why Bornholm works together with local and public institutions that work with children.
If you are interested in this program or other services offered by Bornholm Surf Farm, why don’t you check out our activities? (http://bornholmsurffarm.com/activities/).
The Green Room Journey continues…

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