It’s always greener in the Green Room

Just a feeling

Keeping a healthy garden without using artificial fertilizers.

Ever since we opened the Surf Lodge we’ve been separating waste in order to reduce the rubbish. That includes not throwing the organic waste in the bin, but rather collecting it and putting it on the compost. The compost then turns into „high end soil“ that’s used for our garden and new pot plants.  Thus producing a cosy garden to chill in, that’s always full of pot-plants.

Greedy Bamboo....

But pot-plants are demanding. Bamboo especially! Some other plants also need a lot of nutrients too. But I didn’t like the idea of using chemical/artificial fertilizers.  Even with the compost we can’t use all the green-cut for our little garden. In Vieux Boucau where we live, green-cut is collected and distributed over the dunes to help combat erosion.   Eventually I had enough green-cut kept in an open bucket and after quite some time when I finally got rid of it, the funny smell reminded me of the liquid manure farmers use to fertilize their fields in springtime. I got curious, googled it and found out it doesn’t only smell the same, it’s an equivalent! And that’s how I produce my own fertilizer now. The only disadvantage is the smell, but it usually disappears within a couple of hours. 

The Garden of the Atlantic Surflodge is my GREEN ROOM.

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