Wood recycling @atlantic surf lodge

Just a feeling

Last year we transformed a part of our shed/appendix into a proper multifunctional room. In order to do so we needed to remove the attic and the result was a spacious, daylight flooded room where we run the ISA and Lifesaver courses, Yoga Retreats, and occasionally watch sports highlights on the big screen. The wood taken out was simply too precious just to be thrown away or to be burned in the chimney. For decades it’s been there serving as the floor and walls. It obviously had a story to tell, so we kept it and I started thinking about what to do with it. In the beginning I was thinking about making a fence with it, but I finally came to the conclusion that it needed to be something more prominent.

Doing it

Over winter I would, from time to time, think about it without really finding an idea. As springtime came we had to move back our outdoor furniture, then it occurred to me we needed to build a big, solid gathering table. Being a little skilled myself I soon had an idea of making it but I wanted it to be perfect. For example, I did not want there to be visible screws to mess up the worthy look and to ruin the look of this almost ancient wood. So I asked my good friend, Carsten Kiefer, a craftsman and carpenter by trade to give me his opinion. After exchanging in conversation for 5 minutes it was clear to me that he was deserving of the project, the wood, and the Lodge in order to make it a good and hopefully ever lasting table.

magic table

Now every time people sit down at the table sooner or later they realize, or just subconsciously feel that there’s something special about the table. The table talks and tells its history and already we have all spent some thousands of hours at it and there are many, many more to come.

We also saved some huge beams last year. What will we create with them…?

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