Some years ago we used to hand out aluminium foil to our guests at Mellowmove Surfcamp. Every day! The idea was that they could wrap their snack and bring it to the beach fresh and well-preserved. Apart from the bad co2 footprint of aluminium products we learned about, we figured out another problem after a while.

From time to time pieces of aluminiun foil were left on the beach by our group instead of bringing them back to the parking lot and putting them in one of the garbage cans. We had to face the thought that it seemed we´re part of the problem altough we always aimed to be a part of the solution. This was a hard insight and a clear call for change at the same time.

First of all we had to stop the use of aluminium packaging and replace it by something better and more sustainable. The second step we felt we´d need to take was to try hard to teach and influence our customers to not leave any garbage at the beach. Or even better – to take back more than they brought.

In search for the best packaging we could use to carry our sandwiches to the beach, we stumbled over the probably most simple solution: the classic paper lunch bag! All of a sudden our 2 steps melted together and everthing was so clear and obvious:

What stays after having a sandwich at the beach is the bag you used to bring it. Nothing could be more inviting to keep all the garbage you brought and dispose it correctly than this very bag itself.

To underline this non-verbal invitation, we didn´t have to think further than to print a short slogan on the bag, which makes our aim clear.

Since then all of our guests have their own small garbage bag available to collect a handfull of items which were already there. Today we take a lot more garbage from the beach than we bring. Every day!

Use this bag to carry your lunch.
Fill it with random trash from the beach before you leave.
If we all are doing this every day, we can do a part in
keeping our beaches clean.
Thank you!!!

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